About Us

Benjamin Ngo

Founder & Managing Director

Benjamin is the Founder and Managing Director of INEIGHT SOLUTIONS PTE. LTD., a Singapore based start-up launched in 2023 to help ease the compliance burden and reduce compliance costs faced by many MAS and ACRA industry practitioners. Benjamin has provided invaluable insight on AML topics to industry associations and has contributed towards industry feedback on consultations with ACRA on the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism.  His area of expertise includes regulatory compliance, anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing, sanctions, FATCA, CRS, data protection, business continuity planning, anti-bribery and corruption.  Benjamin has over 15 years in the risk and compliance function of which he has served more than half in the trust and corporate services industry.  His earlier experiences include positions in the compliance and AML functions of global banks.

We believe that compliance solutions enable businesses to pursue and achieve their optimal outcomes.

A look at some of our achievements:

  • Benjamin had structured a solution to custodise client deposits of a leading UK international bank in its exit strategy for a public listed trust and company service provider to win over a million dollar revenue deal.
  • Advised and structured a solution to custodise and segregate client monies for a leading digital payment service provider years before the MAS published its consultation papers and recommendations to DPT providers.
  • Advised and obtained MAS trust business license for a new entrant.

Free up your manpower and rely on our experts to help navigate regulation.

  • Benjamin was selected to deliver ACRA’s AML training to RFA’s coordinated through CSIS and ISCA and has continued to do so since the industry came into regulation in 2015.
  • Benjamin is also a trainer for the Corporate Governance Qualifying Programme on Risk Management offered by the Chartered Governance Institute the training arm of CSIS for its qualifying practitioners.

We believe businesses should focus on their core competencies. Ours is Compliance.

A team is about collaboration.

As a startup, we offer flexibility and the opportunity to develop. We believe that collaboration is the key for sustainable career development that allows you to grow with our business and with our clients.